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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Few tips to plan your work and improve performance at work

How to plan-

  1. Plan your work for the day, and do finish the important work first (i.e. work which are close to deadline). 
  1. Amongst the works which are equally important, Start off with the work which requires undivided attention and the work which requires less or little attention, you can postpone it for hours or so. Since at the start of the day your mind and body are fresh and healthy.
  1. Reduce dependencies of the resource so that it requires minimal wait for the dependent resource if that resource is unable to provide inputs required by dependent resource. Hence resource does not remain in under utilization. 
  1. Organize your files, folders and documents such that it requires minimal time to search when needed.
  1. Try to finish similar tasks together, because putting dissimilar tasks in the middle of similar tasks would break your continuity and which in turn increases work like information recollection, getting re-familiar, for the interleaving tasks. 

How to improve performance-

  1. Always find interest in the work or task assigned to you, since lack of interest in work keeps your mind unstable. 
  1. Do not stretch the work instead take small-small breaks (1 minute or 2 minute break)
  1. Avoid attending calls which take your attention off from the task, if they are not so important. 
  1. If you have worked out enough to solve the problem, please take help of experts/colleagues, instead of doing work on same problem to solve it.
  1. Take off if you are unable to collect your attention due to unconsciousness or any other reason. 
  1. Try to dig into the problem so that you can have solutions for the many other linked problems instead of getting solution for the targeted problem only.

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