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Monday, May 12, 2014

Casting vote to NOTA is as good as not casting vote…

    With the end of 9th phase of election, general election 2014 came to an end and fates of all the candidates have been locked in EVM machines. In every States, we have seen significant increase in voting percentage what does this mean, do voters have become more politically aware or have they got some other options to vote for or have they fed up with their existing MP and so they want change. More voter turnout means, voters have been cautious enough about the government and now the decision will not be as what we have been seeing in last many elections.

This time voters have not moved with any wave rather they have voted for the development of the country.  And it has become very difficult to decipher whom they want as their MP.  If we consider some popular seats from where top politicians have been contesting for years and winning with a huge margin of votes. Since voters have shown active participation in politics, so even for top leader it is not going to be easy task. They are also afraid of getting loss of their seat.

 On what basis they are winning the seat with huge margin. If they are so popular among the people in their constituency citing the work they have done. Why can’t they stand from other constituencies and do the work that they had done in their previous constituency. And win with huge margin. Our politicians have good command or have earned name in the constituencies from where they are contesting.

Why can’t voters teach them lesson by voting against them, for which voters have been voting since many years. But they do not since voters are attracted via “cash and vote”. There are still many regions in our country where votes are being purchased by extending short lived help. And voters accept it thinking that anyway we do not get any help after the election results so it’s better to get something before the elections from the contestants. More over there are many people who are in dire need of money so they get it for voting in favor.

Even though all the contestants have made their every efforts to get every single vote but what if in spite of all such efforts, if majority of the people have voted to NOTA because they have not found any candidates suitable for their constituencies. But still NOTA is not going to win. Any candidate who is at second position after NOTA will be declared as winner. Votes in favor of NOTA will be considered invalid. Is it fair with those who have given mandate to NOTA?  If this is the case then it would have been better for the voters, who voted to NOTA, that they should have casted their VOTE to a candidate who was their second preference after NOTA.

In case of NOTA majority, making all NOTA votes invalid, somewhere discourage to vote for NOTA. Because even after getting majority, if the candidate who stands at second position is being declared as winner then it would have been better for them to vote for their less preferable candidate as opposed to NOTA. Majority of the people have rejected the candidate who comes at second position. So any how he should not be declared as winner otherwise it is as good as disallowing those people who voted to NOTA.