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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Conducive Situation also helps in committing heinous crimes against a woman

      Nothing has been done since the Nirbhaya incident in 2012 though the government has allotted 1000 cr for women safety and security Called “Nirbhaya Fund” but not a single penny has been used towards women safety and security in the year passed. A lot needs to be done to improve women security from eve-teasing to rape. To put an stop on these incidents:

1.Woman should be aware of her rights which empowers her and helps her in fighting against heinous incidents.

2.There should be woman police at every police station so that a woman victim does not get hesitate in reporting FIR. There are many reasons why Most of the incidents goes un-reported First non-availability of women police, second a woman gets hesitate in sharing the incident against her before a man police, Third whenever woman wants to report any incident police ask so many questions with female victim which she does not want, Fourth a woman does not want to open the incident in public because she or her family does not want their status to go down.

3.There should be street light on the road ,bus stops specially less crowded area so that man can not take advantage of darkness.

4.Though man knows the consequences but at that exciting moment he could not stop himself from committing such offence. Woman rights or sentence(crime ki SAJA) for a crime/offence should be written at the places where the incidents like eve teasing, sexual harassment or sexual assaults likely to happen. So that woman and man both become aware of, one towards her safety/power and the other towards his limit or consequences of committing such crimes.

5.There should be fast processing court so that accused can be punished at the earliest which empowers a woman and discourage a man.

6.For juvenile also the minimum sentence of 3 years should be increased Because few people (adults) take advantage of juvenile by keeping him ahead in incidents thinking that the juvenile will be released after 3 years of sentence and these adults even do not come under the case.
Is it only government which can improve women security no, an Aam Admi can also helps towards improving it which requires,
always assume
a) A girl younger than you as your sister
b) A girl of your age as your wife.
c)A girl older than you as your mother
but its not like that people always try to take advantage of the situation whenever they see a woman.
There are some moments where a man might not have thought of committing crime called eve-teasing,harassing or say rape but the conducive situation (like woman is alone or she is in dark) triggers him in doing so. So to get rid of these un-planned crimes a women should be escorted by TRUSTED male or she should avoid such routes.

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