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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebrate Parentine day first then Valentine day

You might be happy by celebrating your valentine day with your love called GF (Girl Friend) or BF (Boy Friend). But have you celebrated parent’s day or father’s day or mother’s day to express your love with them. Those who have sacrificed their life for your upbringing. They opted your upbringings over their career. For your upbringings they ruled out options of earning money or making their career. They are always ready with their “Life on Palm” for you. They have always thought of your well being even when you go against their wishes or decision. They always have a void in their heart for you.
Even after so much caring and sacrifices, we do not see huge responses on parents’ day like valentine day. On valentine day prices of rose flower shots up manifold. But on the other hand, on parent’s day we hardly see any buyer’s for flowers.
There are so many occasions on which you express you love with GF or BF ,or even you do not need any occasions. But for parents even on the occasions (like parents day,mothers day,fathers day) we do not express love with them.
If you ask to your parent’s, who is your valentine?
they will say my son. But when you ask to son, he will say many names like priya, pinki, pooja etc but  he will not say my parents are my valentine.

So I urge you to celebrate Parentine-day (parents day) first then valentine day.

Thanks for reading :)-