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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How the increased prices of polybags will reduce polythene based garbage

Soon Punekar will have to pay 15 Rs for one poly bag, Increase in poly bag prices (15 Rs each poly bag) will discourage people from using it carelessly. If the price is low, They do not avoid from use of polythene where it could have been avoided. More over, People don’t care about reuse of polythene. Now the increased price will force them either not to use or use only when it is required.

Pune city alone generates 1600 metric ton of garbage daily and of this 15% (240 metric tons) of garbage from polythene and plastics only. And the step to increase price of poly bag will sharply reduce polythene and plastic based garbage.
Few points, that how increase in price of polybags will discourage people from using poly bags
1)      People will try to buy grocery and other kirana products in one go and will keep bought thing in minimum number of poly bags. Since, Every new polythene they ask to shopkeeper is going to affect their bill effectively.
2)      They will hesitate in asking for poly bag to shopkeeper specially when they buy Kirana Samaan for less price say 20-25 Rs and asking for poly bag (15 Rs) will not be an wise choice. So in such situation they will avoid use of polybag or will try to keep bag with them.
3)      Rage picker will get more paid for each polythene that they collect. And hence it will motivate them towards their great work.
4)      People will prefer to keep carry bag with them wherever possible.
5)      Poly bags used to carry solid or dry material can be reused without processing. Higher cost will encourage people towards reuse of such poly bags.
6)      Increased cost will be beneficial for garbage processing companies since the Processing charges incurred on low price poly bag and high price poly bag will remain same. Because after processing they will sell it at higher price now unlike before.