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Friday, April 18, 2014

Yuvraj Singh Answered the call but it's at wrong time

            Yuvi answered the call but it’s too late – Answer’s to a call does not have any importance if it is not answered at right time. Specially when caller is at the peak to listen the answer but the callee does not answer. And in such case the late answer is as good as not answering the call. Even the late answer seems like adding salt to deep scar. And hence instead of getting applause you get criticism.
            He played below expectations at the time when our nation’s pride was at stake. If he was finding difficulties in playing big shots, he could have given up his wicket, knowing that we had enough batting left (8 wickets in hand). He merely scored 11 off 21 balls and india managed to set target of 130 runs. And conceived these 21 deliveries in last 8 overs, where India was needed boundaries but they even had not managed singles or doubles on each delivery.
            On the other hand he played above expectations and scored 52 off  29 balls, in the match DD vs RCB on 17 March. Which is rarely of any importance over winning a WORLD CUP.