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Friday, April 25, 2014

IPL 2014 : What Team Selectors would be eyeing upon in IPL season 7

1)      Opening Pair: Selectors need to decide the opening pair for Indian ODI team. After sachin-sehwag  or gambhir-sehwag india has been struggling for the opening pair. India has been in a dire need of opening pair which can give consistent performance for India.
2)      Trio Come Back: Can Sehwag,Gambhir,Irphan Pathan come back and book their place in playing eleven. Without these players india would never have imagined to win the matches when they were in the team.
3)      Consistent Pacers: India has always been in a demand for fast bowler. Any good fast bowler lasts only for a year or so, he can not perform consistently for long time. Indian fast bowlers’ life is short lived like a rain drop.
4)      All rounders: India needs 2-3 solid All rounders for the world cup 2015. Currently ashwin,jadeja are playing the role of all rounder. But for ashwin, he should concentrate on his bowling and he should become a bowler like Saed Ajmal,Sunil Narine. So that he becomes a trump card for indian captain to play him at any time whenever he needs wicket or to put stop on run.
5)      Tail ender: India needs to have good tail ender at least who can contribute 20-30 runs if required. And these tail enders are mostly bowlers so our spinners and fasters, should be capable enough to contribute 20-30 runs whenever required. For example, during target chasing if our middle order batsmen go to pavilion when just 20-30 runs are required. In this situation tail ender comes into picture and they should play their role wisely.