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Thursday, February 27, 2014

How the increased prices of polybags will reduce polythene based garbage

Soon Punekar will have to pay 15 Rs for one poly bag, Increase in poly bag prices (15 Rs each poly bag) will discourage people from using it carelessly. If the price is low, They do not avoid from use of polythene where it could have been avoided. More over, People don’t care about reuse of polythene. Now the increased price will force them either not to use or use only when it is required.

Pune city alone generates 1600 metric ton of garbage daily and of this 15% (240 metric tons) of garbage from polythene and plastics only. And the step to increase price of poly bag will sharply reduce polythene and plastic based garbage.
Few points, that how increase in price of polybags will discourage people from using poly bags
1)      People will try to buy grocery and other kirana products in one go and will keep bought thing in minimum number of poly bags. Since, Every new polythene they ask to shopkeeper is going to affect their bill effectively.
2)      They will hesitate in asking for poly bag to shopkeeper specially when they buy Kirana Samaan for less price say 20-25 Rs and asking for poly bag (15 Rs) will not be an wise choice. So in such situation they will avoid use of polybag or will try to keep bag with them.
3)      Rage picker will get more paid for each polythene that they collect. And hence it will motivate them towards their great work.
4)      People will prefer to keep carry bag with them wherever possible.
5)      Poly bags used to carry solid or dry material can be reused without processing. Higher cost will encourage people towards reuse of such poly bags.
6)      Increased cost will be beneficial for garbage processing companies since the Processing charges incurred on low price poly bag and high price poly bag will remain same. Because after processing they will sell it at higher price now unlike before.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebrate Parentine day first then Valentine day

You might be happy by celebrating your valentine day with your love called GF (Girl Friend) or BF (Boy Friend). But have you celebrated parent’s day or father’s day or mother’s day to express your love with them. Those who have sacrificed their life for your upbringing. They opted your upbringings over their career. For your upbringings they ruled out options of earning money or making their career. They are always ready with their “Life on Palm” for you. They have always thought of your well being even when you go against their wishes or decision. They always have a void in their heart for you.
Even after so much caring and sacrifices, we do not see huge responses on parents’ day like valentine day. On valentine day prices of rose flower shots up manifold. But on the other hand, on parent’s day we hardly see any buyer’s for flowers.
There are so many occasions on which you express you love with GF or BF ,or even you do not need any occasions. But for parents even on the occasions (like parents day,mothers day,fathers day) we do not express love with them.
If you ask to your parent’s, who is your valentine?
they will say my son. But when you ask to son, he will say many names like priya, pinki, pooja etc but  he will not say my parents are my valentine.

So I urge you to celebrate Parentine-day (parents day) first then valentine day.

Thanks for reading :)-

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Allow IDI instead of FDI

Foreign direct investment in which foreign entities invest their money in Indian markets like Food, Garments, and Cosmetic etc. and is welcomed by Indian govt because of it’s featured advantage. Supply chain required by consumer market has different layers and the efficiency among different layers is increased by implementing proper policies and rules. Central Govt has already approved 51% FDI in multi brand retail which attracts foreign players to invest in India. And study suggests that FDI will bring millions of jobs, money inflow in India and tax collection.

Domestic players are afraid of loosing their ownership to Foreign players. The FDI culture which is coming in India will discourage those emerging domestic players. And it will end totally that Kirana shop culture. Their customer base will be shifted to those Foreign Players. Since it is financed and managed by foreign players so our government will have little control or say no control.
Taking advantage of consumer base, in India, starting an small business seems an easy option but if FDI is allowed then it will also be vanished. Since India is a biggest consumer market after china hence it seems attractive for many foreign players. But should they be allowed at the cost of small and medium business. Allowing FDI means somewhere we are becoming financially dependent on some other country.
Instead of allowing FDI (foreign direct investment) why do not allow IDI (Indian direct investment). In India also, There are many big players who can establish their own chain of super markets. Single brand retail FDI which is already approved and now they are trying to approve multibrand retail FDI if it is also approved then it will not be Indian retail sector rather it would foreign retail sector. Moreover everything (labor, service, raw materials) would be offered by India and profit which will be generated will be given to those foreign players.
Govt and some other study suggests that FDI will reduce the price of product being sold .This FDI scheme will just do selling and nothing more than that then how can they provide the product at cheaper rate than those selling in a small shop. Wherein these supermarket chain would incur cost in many more thing like infrastructure cost, employee wages, taxes and many more and this cost will be pushed on to consumer only. On the other hand a shop keeper has nothing to do with such things and this saved cost can be transferred to consumer in terms of cheaper prices.