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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Few roads, Made for both way Traffic needs revamp to make one side traffic carrier:

I Dedicate this post to City traffic management regarding multilane roads, they need to do little analysis about the traffic when it is at peak hours, in which maximum traffic flows in one direction and keeping one of the sides completely busy whereas other side which rarely witness vehicles/traffic and this scenario can happen at any peak hour depending on what purpose the destination serves And specially when the destination has only one road to connect with other part of the city. For example Roads going towards IT park generally witness the traffic in one direction at a time i.e. in morning time traffic will completely flow towards IT park and in evening time it will flow in opposite direction (from IT park to home). And you generally find that road on the other side which goes in opposite direction is less trafficked but yours is not. And you might try to break the traffic rules to get out from traffic you stuck in.
In this case instead of dividing lanes equally i.e. 2 lanes for one direction and rest 2 lanes for opposite direction. Allocate more lanes (here 3 lanes) to the direction which carries maximum traffic and less lane (1 lane) to the direction which carries less traffic hence assignment of number of lanes is directly proportional to traffic that a side carries. The assignment of lanes to the sides will not be fixed rather needs to be shifted to other side when it has maximum traffic. To make it practical, side carrying less traffic can be divided further temporarily (for example by rope) and hence one of the divided part can be used by the traffic which flows in opposite direction.
Just for example those who live in pune or have been in pune will be very well aware of the traffic from hinjewadi chowk to wipro circle which generally witness only sided traffic at office timings. So why not the one side which witnesses higher traffic gets more no. of lanes (by dividing temporarily with rope or something) than the one which witnesses less traffic. There might be other such roads carrying traffic in one side only so why not make them one sided.

Thanks for reading, Any comments are welcome.