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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Don't they deserve for the hike?

Software giants Google, Microsoft,Oracle and e-commerce companies like amazon are in race to Hire the best Talent ( Fresh graduates ) and when it comes on Talent it's Talent. They do not see the Money "come what may". Moreover they are increasing the package year on year unlike the mass recruiters like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys and Accenture etc. There are so many reasons why they are increasing the package every year:
1.       Increased competition among recruiters to grab the top talent. And thus the company needs to pay high enough so that students do not reject or decline its offers. If company fails to pay as per their expectation there is always some other company which is willing to pay more.
2.       Increased expectations of these talented students.
3.       These students will bring the paradigm shift in company’s growth.
Whereas for Mass recruiters it (Graduate hire’s package) remained fix since 2008 (approx.). Neither they are willing to increase nor are these graduate hires forcing them to increase it. Since the unemployment is so much that whether they increase or not, they will always have thousands of applicants for a single post. So why do they increase. Somewhere these graduate hires are bound not to ask for the increment and these mass recruiters are taking advantage of it. Price of the product being developed by these graduates hires have increased manifold over the period. Why that increased price is not getting shared with these graduate hires. Why their salary is not getting increased. Do the inflation is not getting increased for these graduate hires. or they do not deserve for hike.
These graduate hires do work at very low cost then a lateral hired. You must have heard that xyz Software Company recruited 1000 or more freshers from abc university. But have you ever heard it that xyz software company recruited 1000 or even more experienced. Yes they hire experienced people also but in very less number.
So do not you think there is need of the authority which does monitor payment of these graduated students? Neither they are in company nor in project so where do they complain for their perk. Where do they raise their voice? NASSCOM is the supreme body for the software, BPO and IT enabled companies but failed to do it.