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Saturday, December 21, 2013

AAP coalition is collision with aam admi ?

           Even though UPA and BJP both the parties have ruled out all 18 Questions sent by AAP and said that to follow these rules is not constitutional. AAP has made promised before sending questions that we want clear views on these questions but they(UPA and BJP) have not even answered those questions but still AAP has made it's intention clear that it will make coalition with CONGRESS party. AAP saying that it has got 1.5 lakhs views whether AAP should form government or not. AAP says that majority of the views says that AAP should form coalition government.
          But has AAP got these views from those who voted AAP probably not. Before the assembly elections AAP was saying that both the parties ruling and opposition are corrupt.
We will bring corruption free government in Delhi. AAP was asked a question that what if you do not get majority then would you form coalition then they told that we will not, we will sit in opposition and will act as strong opposition. With this promise most of the voters have voted to AAP. But now the situation seems different, instead of going for re-election due to no majority, AAP seems to form coalition with congress where congress has told to support un-conditionally.
          Now the question is, is AAP betraying with the voters who voted to AAP ?. If it was clear before the election that AAP would form coalition with congress then those voters who were going to vote BJP but voted to AAP, would have voted to BJP instead of AAP. Do u think that AAP would be able to root out corruption specially when it is coalition government ?.
Will AAP be able to fulfill it's promises ?. Or were the promises just pretext to win seats in election like what other parties do. Do not you think that AAP's this coalition will lead to a collision with aam aadmi. Would they still be going with AAP.
          In reply to those 18 questions sent by AAP, PM Manmohan singh said that“promise only what you can keep up (Janta se wo hi wade karen jo nibha sake)”. Will aam aadmi say to AAP the same thing what PM said?.