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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Few roads, Made for both way Traffic needs revamp to make one side traffic carrier:

I Dedicate this post to City traffic management regarding multilane roads, they need to do little analysis about the traffic when it is at peak hours, in which maximum traffic flows in one direction and keeping one of the sides completely busy whereas other side which rarely witness vehicles/traffic and this scenario can happen at any peak hour depending on what purpose the destination serves And specially when the destination has only one road to connect with other part of the city. For example Roads going towards IT park generally witness the traffic in one direction at a time i.e. in morning time traffic will completely flow towards IT park and in evening time it will flow in opposite direction (from IT park to home). And you generally find that road on the other side which goes in opposite direction is less trafficked but yours is not. And you might try to break the traffic rules to get out from traffic you stuck in.
In this case instead of dividing lanes equally i.e. 2 lanes for one direction and rest 2 lanes for opposite direction. Allocate more lanes (here 3 lanes) to the direction which carries maximum traffic and less lane (1 lane) to the direction which carries less traffic hence assignment of number of lanes is directly proportional to traffic that a side carries. The assignment of lanes to the sides will not be fixed rather needs to be shifted to other side when it has maximum traffic. To make it practical, side carrying less traffic can be divided further temporarily (for example by rope) and hence one of the divided part can be used by the traffic which flows in opposite direction.
Just for example those who live in pune or have been in pune will be very well aware of the traffic from hinjewadi chowk to wipro circle which generally witness only sided traffic at office timings. So why not the one side which witnesses higher traffic gets more no. of lanes (by dividing temporarily with rope or something) than the one which witnesses less traffic. There might be other such roads carrying traffic in one side only so why not make them one sided.

Thanks for reading, Any comments are welcome.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Conducive Situation also helps in committing heinous crimes against a woman

      Nothing has been done since the Nirbhaya incident in 2012 though the government has allotted 1000 cr for women safety and security Called “Nirbhaya Fund” but not a single penny has been used towards women safety and security in the year passed. A lot needs to be done to improve women security from eve-teasing to rape. To put an stop on these incidents:

1.Woman should be aware of her rights which empowers her and helps her in fighting against heinous incidents.

2.There should be woman police at every police station so that a woman victim does not get hesitate in reporting FIR. There are many reasons why Most of the incidents goes un-reported First non-availability of women police, second a woman gets hesitate in sharing the incident against her before a man police, Third whenever woman wants to report any incident police ask so many questions with female victim which she does not want, Fourth a woman does not want to open the incident in public because she or her family does not want their status to go down.

3.There should be street light on the road ,bus stops specially less crowded area so that man can not take advantage of darkness.

4.Though man knows the consequences but at that exciting moment he could not stop himself from committing such offence. Woman rights or sentence(crime ki SAJA) for a crime/offence should be written at the places where the incidents like eve teasing, sexual harassment or sexual assaults likely to happen. So that woman and man both become aware of, one towards her safety/power and the other towards his limit or consequences of committing such crimes.

5.There should be fast processing court so that accused can be punished at the earliest which empowers a woman and discourage a man.

6.For juvenile also the minimum sentence of 3 years should be increased Because few people (adults) take advantage of juvenile by keeping him ahead in incidents thinking that the juvenile will be released after 3 years of sentence and these adults even do not come under the case.
Is it only government which can improve women security no, an Aam Admi can also helps towards improving it which requires,
always assume
a) A girl younger than you as your sister
b) A girl of your age as your wife.
c)A girl older than you as your mother
but its not like that people always try to take advantage of the situation whenever they see a woman.
There are some moments where a man might not have thought of committing crime called eve-teasing,harassing or say rape but the conducive situation (like woman is alone or she is in dark) triggers him in doing so. So to get rid of these un-planned crimes a women should be escorted by TRUSTED male or she should avoid such routes.

Thanks for reading, any comment :)-

Saturday, December 21, 2013

AAP coalition is collision with aam admi ?

           Even though UPA and BJP both the parties have ruled out all 18 Questions sent by AAP and said that to follow these rules is not constitutional. AAP has made promised before sending questions that we want clear views on these questions but they(UPA and BJP) have not even answered those questions but still AAP has made it's intention clear that it will make coalition with CONGRESS party. AAP saying that it has got 1.5 lakhs views whether AAP should form government or not. AAP says that majority of the views says that AAP should form coalition government.
          But has AAP got these views from those who voted AAP probably not. Before the assembly elections AAP was saying that both the parties ruling and opposition are corrupt.
We will bring corruption free government in Delhi. AAP was asked a question that what if you do not get majority then would you form coalition then they told that we will not, we will sit in opposition and will act as strong opposition. With this promise most of the voters have voted to AAP. But now the situation seems different, instead of going for re-election due to no majority, AAP seems to form coalition with congress where congress has told to support un-conditionally.
          Now the question is, is AAP betraying with the voters who voted to AAP ?. If it was clear before the election that AAP would form coalition with congress then those voters who were going to vote BJP but voted to AAP, would have voted to BJP instead of AAP. Do u think that AAP would be able to root out corruption specially when it is coalition government ?.
Will AAP be able to fulfill it's promises ?. Or were the promises just pretext to win seats in election like what other parties do. Do not you think that AAP's this coalition will lead to a collision with aam aadmi. Would they still be going with AAP.
          In reply to those 18 questions sent by AAP, PM Manmohan singh said that“promise only what you can keep up (Janta se wo hi wade karen jo nibha sake)”. Will aam aadmi say to AAP the same thing what PM said?.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Don't they deserve for the hike?

Software giants Google, Microsoft,Oracle and e-commerce companies like amazon are in race to Hire the best Talent ( Fresh graduates ) and when it comes on Talent it's Talent. They do not see the Money "come what may". Moreover they are increasing the package year on year unlike the mass recruiters like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys and Accenture etc. There are so many reasons why they are increasing the package every year:
1.       Increased competition among recruiters to grab the top talent. And thus the company needs to pay high enough so that students do not reject or decline its offers. If company fails to pay as per their expectation there is always some other company which is willing to pay more.
2.       Increased expectations of these talented students.
3.       These students will bring the paradigm shift in company’s growth.
Whereas for Mass recruiters it (Graduate hire’s package) remained fix since 2008 (approx.). Neither they are willing to increase nor are these graduate hires forcing them to increase it. Since the unemployment is so much that whether they increase or not, they will always have thousands of applicants for a single post. So why do they increase. Somewhere these graduate hires are bound not to ask for the increment and these mass recruiters are taking advantage of it. Price of the product being developed by these graduates hires have increased manifold over the period. Why that increased price is not getting shared with these graduate hires. Why their salary is not getting increased. Do the inflation is not getting increased for these graduate hires. or they do not deserve for hike.
These graduate hires do work at very low cost then a lateral hired. You must have heard that xyz Software Company recruited 1000 or more freshers from abc university. But have you ever heard it that xyz software company recruited 1000 or even more experienced. Yes they hire experienced people also but in very less number.
So do not you think there is need of the authority which does monitor payment of these graduated students? Neither they are in company nor in project so where do they complain for their perk. Where do they raise their voice? NASSCOM is the supreme body for the software, BPO and IT enabled companies but failed to do it.