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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Can't we have movies on Saving Environment,Saving Energy

                  Producers make movie on topics like corruption,family issues,social issues etc. but we do not see movie which talks about saving environment,saving energy.have they thought of making movie on saving environment  if yes,are they afraid of being flop if movie is on such topic.

                  A movie can be very good source to make people aware about saving environment,electricity,water etc because it is watched across world by a huge population.people try to imitate what is being shown in movie by their adored actor/actress.just like if their favourite actor is doing smoking in movie then 5-10% people do smoking after movie just because their favourite actor did in the movie. hence this environment savvy message can be passed effectively to the target population.

Today saving environment,saving energy ,saving water etc..seem optional but after few years saving these will be our need.

                 "if we do not save environment,environment will not leave us"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Save Environment Environment will Save You

 we always want to be healthy and for being healthy we need to keep environment healthy hence save environment.to save environment Earth Hour is observed every year to know more about Earth Hour go to http://earthhour.org.au/ .
Earth is our mother and it's our Responsibility to save it.
                                         "There is always dearth if we do not save Earth"
saving earth means you can :
1.Save Trees
2.Save Water
3.Save Electricity
4.Save Animals
5.and finally by saving all these save your self

                        Think about the situation :you don't have oxygen to breath,don't have water to drink,don't have electricity to light your room,do not have Animal to enjoy with.you can't imagine this thing to happen but believe or not if we don't become alert now then time is not much far away.
                        People do not take this thing seriously and sure we need to pay for this in near future(i am not bad wisher i am always well wisher of anybody).if we do not save environment now,how could  we say that we will save it when we will be in a strong need to save it,by that time we would have missed chances to save environment.
"will you save environment???".

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

IPL 2013 6th Edition

IPL,The most awaited event for which everybody waits will start on 3rd April  because this involves domestic players,national and international players which attracts domestic ,national and international people towards it.apart from from players it involves celebrities,politicians and cheerleaders.
                first of all whoever becomes IPL champion we want the event a grand success,huge audience and which can be seen only when the matches are close.there should not be one sided matches means one team scores 250 or so then the opponent team would have lost it when they were taking target.
to avoid these one sided competitions teams should have balanced players.
in last  edition(5th) we seen a new champion Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) they were bottom in 2009 edition and in 2011 edition  4th  and 2012 they became champion.
                  Let us see can they retain their crown maintained or we see again new champion. among new champions Mumbai Indians,Royal Challenger Bangalore,Kings Eleven Punjab,Sun Risers Hyderabad,Delhi Dare Devils.Mumbai Indians would be looking to book their first IPL-title and want to gift it to Sachin Tendulkar ,Adding one more achievement in his cricket career.he has almost every record on his Name.
              As IPL is controversial event  it's every edition involved some kind of controversy
IPL 2013 started with few controversies
             Chennai CM asked to BCCI that she will not allow any Sri lankan whether it's player or team official or umpire in the matches being played in Chennai.she did it due to some political reasons.
            The other issue raised by BJP about use of water in IPL matches in drought hit states like Maharashtra,south states.and we need to worry because it requires 60,000 liters of water in a match to water ground and pitch.but we can't stop using water because this is requirement.
               I Hope the event goes smoothly and no further controversies come.
who will be champion this time?????