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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

About Holi Celebration :Why Enjoyment Comes With Wastage Only

         I am writing this post about How people celebrate Holi,when i saw many people celebrating Holi with strong chemical color,tearing clothes,throwing eggs,tomato etc.i ask people that why they waste water while playing Holi. why they can't  simply apply natural color(GULAL) on others face.instead of throwing buckets of water on their friends or any other person,why they can't use enough size tub and put your friend into that tub.and once you finish with your celebration tub's water can be used for some purpose like giving it to plants,garden.
         If you apply Strong Chemical color on others face it will  require much water to remove it from other's face and of course from your hands.apart from water wastage,it harms your skin,eye etc(i mentioned what harms it causes in my previous post http://shiningworld-why.blogspot.in/2013_03_01_archive.html ).
        Now moving towards the actual enjoyment they had...people were tearing clothes.their shirts,tshirts,jeans were tore completely and they were left with one option "to throw it".If they do not  tear clothes ,they them self  can wear(if possible) or can give to needy person.
       Now moving towards tomato and egg throwing...on one side it may give enjoyment  and on the other side these tomato and eggs can end somebody's hungry.in our country lots of people,children (in millions)are suffering from malnutrition so instead of throwing these(tomato,eggs),we can feed these to those malnutrients.

so i request to every human being not to waste(water,tomato,eggs etc...) in celebrating Holi like this...

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celebrate Holi with Natural Colors

Hiranykashyapu tried to kill his son Prahalad because he was devotee of God Vishnu and his father wanted him to worship him but Prahalad did not accept hence Hiranykashyapu asked him to sit in lap of Holika(sister of Hiranyakashyapu). Holika had a boon ,preventing her from being burnt in fire.
           when prahalad sat in pyre in lap of Holika he started chanting name of Vishnu.everyone amazed by seeing that Holika burnt to death and Prahalad survived unharmed.
Hence Holi is celebrated to remember prahalad's unharmed survival.and it left message that if you are a true devotee of god then he will always help you in every situation.
Holi is festival of colours,we apply colours on others face.nature also helps in celebrating Holi.
palash flowers start blooming just before Holi.

Palash flowers are used to make natural colors and which is harmless on the other hand chemical colors are injuries to health.

for example

Green colour is obtained from copper sulphate -which may cause allergies in eye or even temporary blindness.

Purple is obtained from chromium iodide - which may cause bronchial asthma or other forms of allergy.

Silver is obtained from aluminum bromide - a known carcinogenic.

Black is obtained from lead oxide - may cause renal failures or learning disability. 

Red is obtained from mercury sulphite - may cause skin cancer or Minamata disease (mental retardation, paralysis, impaired vision...) 

Shiny Colours are a result of powdered glass being added to the colours. 

so do celebrate Holi with natural colors like gulal etc.

I hope Holi brings  many more colors in your life...................................................................................................