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Thursday, May 24, 2012


    IPL(indian premier league) is high profile event organized by BCCI in which billions of money is invested.


1>It produces new talents and gives opportunities to young players who can not get chance in squad of 15 for ODI/Test.and new leaders like captains,vice captains,coaches are produced.

2>It is a good practice to score runs with high strike rate which is rarely seen in ODI and TEST matches ,which can be employed in these formats also as and when required.

3>Many domestic players come into contact with international players and learn new tips.


1>IPL schedule becomes very busy and players don't get rest and hence minor injuries can convert into major injuries.

2>Due to lack of monitoring it gives raise to corruption,spot fixing.

3>Each IPL teams consists 6 indian players and 5 foreign players and hence whole indian team engaged in IPL(national event). and indian team can not play international matches (ODI and TEST) but other cricket teams play their ODI and TEST matches.and hence they improve their ICC ranking in ODI and TEST matches but indian team is not.
      IPL takes almost 2 months so in this time period indian team is not playing either of the matches ODI or TEST.

4>Batsmen become habitual of playing फटाफट क्रिकेट (T-20) and when they need to stay on crease(like in test and odi matches) it becomes difficult to them

5>Test matches are no more popular,they are played only just to save it and hence test is eaten out by T-20.Test crowd is being shifted to T-20 matches. 

                                                  Stadium crowd during Test match


                                         Stadium crowd during IPL match