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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Should we have "NO VOTE OPTION" in voting machine

     Electronic Voting Machine(EVM) should have "no vote" option also hence the voter who does not want to vote can press that button otherwise he has to vote one of the candidates irrespective of his choice  or he will not cast his vote.but if he does not cast his vote then it can be misused by somebody else.hence by providing "no vote" option he will be very sure that nobody can misuse his vote.

    But if we provide this option then it can happen that majority of the people don't vote means they select "no vote" option. so in this situation the election may not have any role in electing the proper candidate but it will happen only when electoral candidates are not of voters interest.
  There is one more suggesion  i want to give election commision to  have option for "negative vote" ,means a voter can vote against a candidate.
  But the best solution out of these is to allow the candidate of voters interest.hence no voter would opt either for no vote or for negative vote if there is a candidate of his interest.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Would India's Rotation policy be beneficial

                     Team india's rotation policy is now becoming a big issue ,which rotates (give rest) top player and give chances to youngster.but why indian selector have chosen only top players to replace with youngsters why youngster can't be replaced among themselves.against team like "shrilanka"  ,"australia" ,the rotation policy would not help where we need the best playing eleven.if they have to replace then why they have been selected in squad.
                   Rotation policy in not up to wining matches but it is hurting spectators,tv channel operators,advertisement industries as well. for spectators who comes to see their favorite batsman sachin,sehwag,gambhir (as they are in squad) and finally at the time of toss the decision is taken that one of these players has to be left out.and advertisement industry puts lots of money keeping in mind these top batsmen would play match (as they are top player in the world) and finally one of them is not selected.
                 let us see what india will do in the coming matches...would it follow the rotation policy when the matches are important means teams are very strong and india has been loosing 7 consecutive test matches on the foreign soil against england and australia.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Long Long wait for Sachin's 100th ton

       Sachin has disappointed his millions fan across the world.he scored his 99th ton on 12th march 2011 in world cup.after that every time when schin comes to play at ground people hope for his ton's of ton but he could not done.

                      people are thinking it in different way that why he has not scored till 5th feb(today).some people are saying that he is now under a great pressure of scoring 100th ton the biggest achievement by any batsman in cricket.they are saying that he does not have confidence  now what he had before 99th ton.
                    some people are saying that after winning world cup he should have taken retirement means after 99th ton.
                   but sachin's fans are demanding the biggest achievement only forget all these comments given by people.