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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Censorship in Movies is justified??

               Every one or the other film being released now a days is a controversial movie because of obscene content,anti-religion content , bad dialogues ,Actions etc. so all these scene being shown  in the movie leads to some kind of harm to the society which in turn leads to controversies. for example the action shown in the movie can be imitated by child and which may cause a serious injury.
              Apart from these if anti-religion scene is there in the movie then it can raise outrage among religions, among  cities, among  states, among  countries etc.

               And if adult scene is there then a family would not watch movie .if some actor is doing smoking or taking alcohol in then a person who adores to that actor , may start taking alcohol saying that my favorite  actor can take alcohol  then why i can not (he feels proud imitating his actors).

All above stated reasons are digging into society slowly or gradually and it can be stopped by a having a proper censorship of movies.

censorship should be there in movie or not???
comments are welcome..

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Internet(mainly Search Engines) is Affecting Thinking Power

     Whenever we have any problem(solving equations,real issues in the world) in hand we rarely apply our own logic to solve those problems unless it is exam hall rather we try to search on internet.so the internet has widely been used and which makes our us lazy.and in turn which affect our problem solving skills  and thinking power.the word is full of problems and we have to solve those problem so instead of finding solution on internet (irrespective of the size of problem) we have to find out solution on our own so that we can give solution to any problem in the coming future.

Below is just an example where it tries to find out integration of sin(2x) there are many more problems which search for solution on internet.


     Apart from thinking power and problem solving skills it impact our social involvement because most of the time if we find solution on internet then we hardly try to meet our friends,colleagues etc.
    we must have heard one popular sentence from people that "A person remember another person when he wants some helps" .so if most of the problems are solved on internet then we will never get chance to meet our friends.

~comments are welcome....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Save Life By Cadaver Organ Donation

          Three essential organs for the human body eye,kidney and liver without these our body is just a non living thing on this earth.

          I  am writing this post to raise awareness among people regrading cadaver organ donations. around 1.21 crore people are blind in india and many more people lost their lives due to liver or kidney failure.

                          The most important among these three organs is kidney and
then liver.and for these two organs we do not have donors as per demand.more importantly these organs should be used within 2 hours from the death of donor.so to make use of these organs the donor should register for organ donation before his death so that the organs can be transplanted from donors body to the patient.even if there is organ donor is standing by ,before this transplantation starts patient has to arrange 26 documents in all to start transplantation.arranging the documents itself may take long time weeks or months and in this time the patient might died of liver or kidney disease.
                       so we have to ease this process for early start of this transplantation so that patient's life can be saved when there is organ donor.

Friday, August 24, 2012


           what is child abuse-when a child is touched at his private part where you are not supposed to touch,or removing his/her clothes against his desire specially when nobody else is seeing.

Recent research by government says that about 53% child are sexually abused or harassed and out of these 53% ,50% or more are boys so every second child is victim of this.

who is harassing to your child-

1-His teacher or tutor 
2-Person who is very close to your family member and and devoting excessively more time with your child.
3-A teenager may also abuse or harass to a child.

what should we do-

1-Parents should ask to their child about his school teacher and tutor activity and behavior.
2-Sometimes child may not be able to tell you because they do not have word to express what is going with him but he may give you some indication or hint about this.
3-Be frank with your child so that he could  share these things with his parents.

~any  comment, please welcome

Monday, August 13, 2012


Good Performance than the last Olympic but not as good as China which is almost equal populous Country:

It is good to have 5 medals in London Olympic ever highest medal in Olympics by INDIA but it’s very small figure if we talk about medal vs population whereas china is also having the almost same population as india but china has 87 medals.
         So where we are legging , in participation or in performance or in infrastructure.
First of all let us see China sent 383 participants (in 29 sports) and India sent 83 participants  (in 13 sports) and India had challenges in only 13 games and China had 29 games so first of all we are legging in that we don’t have challenges in all the games.and if we have than we are not getting any remarking position in those games excepting few games.
Now if we talk about events China,Japan,USA these countries organize events in different games and are know for those games but India does not organize any game for which it is known.
We are legging in infrastructure that we do not have good sports academies which trains world class player and can win medal in high profile events like Olympics.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Single Entrance Exam for IITs,NITs,IIITs,and all state level engineering colleges

Union HRD minister has proposed a single common entrance exam for all centrally funded and state funded engineering colleges which would be conducted from year 2013. 

what is common entrance exam-

this exam has two test main and advanced both will be on the same day.main test would be of objective type and advanced test would be of subjective type(will be decided by joint administrative board).

      apart from this common entrance exam candidates' class 12th result would also be counted.

for IITs-

 on the basis of class 12th and main test (giving weightage 50% each),top 50k students would be selected and then on the basis of advanced test merit list will be prepared from these 50k students.

for centrally funded institutes (nits,iiits etc.)-

30%-main test
30%-advanced test

for state govt engineering colleges-

state govt will decide the weightage for each class 12th,main test,advanced test. 

           Giving weightage(50%) to class 12th marks would be beneficial for some states and disadvantegous for some other states in which it's difficult to score good in board exam.mean to say we can not compare different states education level.this class 12th weightage would be fair if all the states are having same syllabus,exam level.

          Main test and advanced test would of IIT level and we know that not all the students are at the same level,so students who are not desirous for IITs will find advanced test(subjective) difficult or they also have to do preparation of IIT level irrespective of their capability.

        So by keeping in mind this thing why can't we have seperate exam for IITs that is IIT-JEE and this new proposed common entrance exam for all other colleges.which will allow IITs to set paper as it is required for IITs only and not bothering about iiits,nits,and state colleges.and this will also allow IITs to maintain their status at world level just like IIMs.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


    IPL(indian premier league) is high profile event organized by BCCI in which billions of money is invested.


1>It produces new talents and gives opportunities to young players who can not get chance in squad of 15 for ODI/Test.and new leaders like captains,vice captains,coaches are produced.

2>It is a good practice to score runs with high strike rate which is rarely seen in ODI and TEST matches ,which can be employed in these formats also as and when required.

3>Many domestic players come into contact with international players and learn new tips.


1>IPL schedule becomes very busy and players don't get rest and hence minor injuries can convert into major injuries.

2>Due to lack of monitoring it gives raise to corruption,spot fixing.

3>Each IPL teams consists 6 indian players and 5 foreign players and hence whole indian team engaged in IPL(national event). and indian team can not play international matches (ODI and TEST) but other cricket teams play their ODI and TEST matches.and hence they improve their ICC ranking in ODI and TEST matches but indian team is not.
      IPL takes almost 2 months so in this time period indian team is not playing either of the matches ODI or TEST.

4>Batsmen become habitual of playing फटाफट क्रिकेट (T-20) and when they need to stay on crease(like in test and odi matches) it becomes difficult to them

5>Test matches are no more popular,they are played only just to save it and hence test is eaten out by T-20.Test crowd is being shifted to T-20 matches. 

                                                  Stadium crowd during Test match


                                         Stadium crowd during IPL match