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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go Green and Go Green and Go Green........

                There are so many ways by which we can save energy if we want,through this article i want to give people some examples that where we can save energy though there are lots of example........

1 .Use of public transport,passengers buses means don't use personal vehicles as much as possible and this can be achieved when this facility is improved.  and walk instead of using bike or car wherever possible

2. market is flood with cars and two wheeler (motor bikes) so to discourage people from use of these , they should be charged more in parking and bicycles should not be charged at all


3. Internet and mobile is being used widely so we should use the concept e-X   i.e.  e-banking,e-invitation,e-ticket,e-commerce,e-mail which saves lots of paper and hence trees .recently, IRCTC  allowed the passengers to show snapshot of e-ticket either on laptop,palmtop,mobile that saves 3-lakh paper per day

4.Roof of big buildings and buses can be used for plantation 


          even not only for plantation buildings roof can also be used for installing solar energy equipment like solar heater,solar panel etc.



5. In big halls,cinemas etc. on electric board there should be one to one mapping between switch and appliance attached with that switch so people need not to switch on all switches when he needs only one button to switch on.

6.Recycling concept can lead  the things to last for long time.in country like india crores of population is living far bellow powerty line and they don't have clothes to wear so instead of throwing your clothes you can give to these people.and you can fulfill their dream that they are dreaming in their life.

 it's not confined upto only clothes there are other things also those can be recycled.
   these people strive for food through out their life so waste food that you have daily at your home ,you can give it to these people.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Court Ordered Social Networking Sites to remove "anti-social and anti-religious" content from their websites

       Court has given ultimatum to 22 social networking sites ( SNS ) to remove anti-religion and anti-social content or images from their websites till february 6,2012.
             anti-religion content or image means which hurts sentiment of other religion's people.so after this move you can not condemn other people or religion on SNS so easily.and these social networking sites has to provide a solution that either anti social content can't be written or can be removed form the site.

      Now these sites owner have to think whether which image is anti-social or not. an image can tell everything or nothing depending upon how much you thing or don't think.so this seems to be a tough task for these sites.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Value of Bharat Ratna award is getting Decreased

              I am writing this post after seeing many recommendations for Bhart ratna award,and now govt has changed rule and made sports player elligible to receive Bharat Ratna award.as soon as govt included this category,home ministry received so many requests from different fields of sports for bharat ratna
1.sachin tendulkar
2.Major Dhyanchand
3.Abhinav Bindra
4.Vishwanathan Anand
5.Saina nehwal
6.paes and Bhupati

            If people are requesting like this and if they are granted then one day Bharat Ratna award would have lost it's value and then receipent would not feel any proud after bagging this prestigous award.
Today home ministry have included sports next time it may include other category and if it goes on adding new categories in the list of Bharat Ratna in which it goes.and in this way it may lose its pride that it has got.

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