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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Indian colleges are loosing their orientation

Indian B-schools and Engineering colleges are not imparting to the students what is required to them but they are trying to get placement figures up.By keeping in mind today's scenario that how the world is suffering from different problems like technical,india loosing market reputation and slowdown,these colleges should impart knowlege oriented,problem oriented study instead of placement hence these students can solve these problems before they happens.
                                                                When we see slowdown like in Europe,USA can't we provide them better solution to beat these problem and hence creating a good image in from of them.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Foreign Retail Investors are in Indian Retail market

Govt in parliament decided to allow 100% foreign direct investment(FDI) in single brand retail and 51% FDI in multibrand retail.

study tells that it will bring 1 million direct jobs and 6 millions indirect jobs.these retial investors will open their stores in the cities with population above 1 million hence 51 cities have qualified for this.and out of these 51 cities 23 cities are opposing these FDI in multi brand and single brand retails.

Now the question is that what will happen to kirana shopkeepers and domestic traders.whether they will also get advantage of this FDI or they will be hurted.but sure this FDI will increase competition in retail market and hence customer will get quality products and better services otherwise these investors will not be able to survive in the market.


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Govt is trying to ban smoking scene being shown in movies...............

Kaitrina kaif is smoking in
Mere brother ki dulhan movie.
although it is her character in the movie but still it should not be shown in the movies that promotes people towards doing smoking...when the same actress is doing some ads of some product then people will buy that product as it is  advertised by their favorite heroine..so why not they can start doing smoking....until and  unless people are aware of causes of smoking.....
                    So govt is trying to ban this kind of scene being shown in the movie.
but may be it is the need of script.even then also they should change their script
hence it can't promote people towards wrong doing.
we have many more movies in which this kind of scene were shown like guzarish,devdaas etc.instead of showing it like this,they should show it in such a way that people don't get promoted towards it.

Durban meeting for setting enviornmental goals

Different countries from the world will participate in this meeting for curbing pollution.and these country will sign for kyoto protocol agreement since it is going to end by 2012.but US the developed country which is not under kyoto protocol is hardly going to sign.

                                      In this meeting they should increase carbon credit that's why countries can be promoted towards not emitting much carbon.