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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


            every thing has two sides,just like a coin.now a days you can see that the young generation is so addicted of facebook that they can pass their hours of hours....even i have seen many people doing chat on facebook for whole night....whatever it is wasting of time or entertainment...but it's too much so if the young generation can convert this whole chatting on facebook into a discussion....(though it's there but very less) ,idea sharing,logical thinking etc than it will be very fruitful.
at the end i am not opposing that people should not do chatting, but it should have some limit.for example they keep fb logged in and when they are doing some office work or any work that require some attention it disturbs..as and when they get some message although there are some options to set your profile like busy,don't disturb....but still if some message comes in your account you can't avoid it from reading.

Friday, October 7, 2011


my hearty requests to  my dear and near....

1.  keep your self away from crackers and don't allow children to burn crackers it can cause an accident (थोड़ी देर का मजा फिर जिन्दगी भर की सजा ).
2. burning the crackers increases noise pollution,air pollution so
3. just think about the people who are suffering of asthma...they never hope for the diwali to be celebrated as burning crackers (aawaj wali diwali).
4. you can celebrate by distributing sweets,wearing new new clothes ,i mean to say is that don't do the things that is harmful for others...
5.just think if every 10th person in our country don't burn crackers then calculate for our 1 billion population(apprx.) what u can save..
   a.first of all lots of paper can be saved.. i.e. saving the enviornment
   b.noise and air pollution gets reduces with a large factor with compare   to what it could have been these days (around diwali)
  c.money saved from these crackers can be used for your other work or enjoyment(celebrate diwali with sweets,buy other things on this occasion).